Wetting Agent and Detergent

Textile fibers in their unprocessed form are hydrophobic and do not absorb water. Wetting agents are auxiliaries which help in wetting the surface, by reducing its surface tension and help water or chemical penetrate the fiber surface and thus help in wet processing.

Product Name Short Description Description

Wetting Agent and Detergent

An ultra-low foaming, solvent-free, APEO free wetting cum detergent for cellulosic, other natural and synthetic fibres and their blends.


Wetting Agent and Detergent

An ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) chemistry based surfactant.


Lycra Scouring Agent

A wetting cum detergent for all type of fibres to remove stubborn oil, grease or wax dirt. 


Wetting Agent and Detergent

A low-foaming, APEO free detergent for scouring & bleaching of cotton and synthetic fibres.


Wetting agent and detergent

An ultra-low foaming, solvent-free wetting cum detergent for scouring of cotton yarn, knits, terry towels, fabric and cotton blends.


Mercerizing wetting agent

A low forming concentrated mercerising wetting agent.