Color Blooming/Deepening Agents

Deep Blacks cannot be achieved due to the saturation limit of dyes. High dosage of dyes leads to decrease in the wash and rub fastness. Customers require fabric to ‘Stay Dark’ after multiple Home Laundering’s. A product that modifies the Refractive Index of substrates. Due to lowering of the Refractive Index of finished fabric, less light is reflected the observer and more light is absorbed by the fabric which results in enhancement of depth of shade. 

Product Name Short Description Description

Colour deepening agent for Polyester

A colour deepening agent developed for polyester and synthetic rich blends dyed with blacks and navy's.


Colour deepening agent for Cotton

A colour deepening agent to obtain exceptionally high colour depth with neutral to redder tone on cellulosic, polyester, wool and their blends dyed with blacks and navy's