Cationic and Nonionic Softener

Cationic softener-They are usually quaternary ammonium salts, amino-esters, and amino-amides. They are recommended for all types of fibre, and can be also applied with exhaustion process Non-Ionic Softener- These are generally ethers and polyglycol esters, ethoxylated products, paraffin and fats. These softening agents are generally less efficient than anionic and cationic ones but they withstand the effects of hard waters, acid or basic environment and also stable in presence of cations and anions.

Product Name Short Description Description

Cold Water Soluble Flakes

A concentrated, low yellowing cold water-soluble organic softener for cellulosic, silk and wool substrates. It is suitable for exhaust as well as pad application.


Nonionic Softener in Flake form

A concentrated, non-yellowing and AEEA free organic softener for natural and synthetic fibres. It imparts very good softness along with lubrication and antistatic property.


Hot Water Soluble Flakes

A concentrated, non-yellowing, non-hydrophobic economical organic softener for cotton yarns, knits, wovens, wool, silk and garments. Gives excellent softness to the fabric.


Hot Water Soluble flakes

A concentrated, cold water soluble, AEEA free (Amino Ethyl Ethanol Amine) organic softener which can be diluted to 1:10 to make ready to use an economical softener for cotton yarns, hosiery, wool, silk and garments.